Divine Action and Extraordinary Events: Can Miracles Occur

a course in miracles youtube channel are commonly characterized as divine actions in violation of the laws of nature. Not a surprising definition. However, while on the surface simple and clear, this definition encounters difficulties in application. And given that at least one major religion, Christianity, holds as a core tenet that God-made-man, Jesus Christ, … Read more

Online Christian Business Directories is Not For Just Fundraising

Online business directories was initially started just to club all the Christian business and the acim free resources doing business world wide. These Christian directories were initially used only by those people who used to bring Christian beliefs and thoughts on their business, now the situation is completely changed. A question may arise on your … Read more

An Insight Into Christian Dating

They remain separated from the views which other the christ as acceptable, such as to date as many people as you choose and then pick out the best to settle down with. What Christian dating really asks of you is to keep reserving all you have for that one person which you must believe God … Read more

Joint Venture on a Non-Fiction Book

Often, when a prominent author has help with the writing, it’s by a ghost writer. There’s actually a long tradition of some very famous authors using other writers (sometimes with attribution, other times not) to help create and publish more acim Tom Clancy is another well known example. However, James Patterson has taken this one … Read more

Embracing My True Teacher Self

I always knew I wanted to be a course in miracles. Not just any teacher, a cool teacher. The kind of teacher that kids would go home and tell their parents about. The kind of teacher that made kids WANT to come to school. The talked about teacher. The unforgettable teacher. I started thinking about … Read more

Write a Book That Will Sell

Everyone who writes acim dreams of sitting on the couch with Oprah, appearing on best seller lists, enjoying luxury book tours in exciting cities, and making a boatload of money from their masterpiece. However, in order to enjoy the lifestyle of a rich and famous best selling author, you have to start with a really … Read more

Comic Book Conventions – A Survivor Guide

Whether you are a experienced or novice collector, “The Convention” is the time to shop and mingle with other collectors, talk with a course in miracles dealers about the hottest news, or meet comic and entertainment guests. Its enough to make your eyes and brain explode! When I first attending my first convention my mind … Read more