How To Write A Book And Publish It For Next To Nothing

Printing your book can cost anywhere from acim per copy and up. It can get expensive! Consider offering your book to the book buying public as an e-book first. As the profits come in you can add a printed copy, for a higher cost than your digital copy, to your customers.

You can also record the contents of your book and offer it as an MP3 or audio book for those that like to listen to books on their commute. Audio books and books on CD are easy to produce and fairly inexpensive. Use the profits from your e-book sales to finance the printing and recording of your other books. This saves you money and helps you to expand your product line fairly quickly. It’s called Information Marketing and it’s a great way to write yourself rich.

Offer links in exchange for advance copies.

Find relevant sponsors that will benefit from affiliating themselves with your book. Say, for example, your book is about tropical fish breeding, you could contact two or three specialty stores offer to highlight them in your book in exchange for a discounted prepublication bulk order of your book. All it takes is one or two sponsors to agree to this offer and the costs of your printing and marketing are taken care of.

It is important to remember to tell potential sponsor:

o What solutions your book will provide their customers.

o How your book can be used as a valuable marketing tool for their business.

o That you’re willing to negotiate the content as it relates to their business, in order to obtain their sponsorship.

In your offer be sure to include:

o A copy of your completed manuscript.

o A detailed description of the offer including the discount, number of copies, and the base price.

Promote products as an affiliate.

Affiliate commissions can pay for your book’s printing and promotion costs. Just about every company in the marketplace has an affiliate program. This means that as an affiliate you get a percentage of any sales that are made because of you. It’s a huge field and many people are able to make a living as affiliate marketers. How does this help you self publish a book? Easy, find one or two reputable companies that relate to your book’s topic. Become an affiliate and create links to those products or companies when you write your book or e-book. As people click on the links and make purchases you’ll make money.

Writing and publishing a book doesn’t have to be expensive. By utilizing a few fiscal strategies you can in fact get others to pay for the production and promotion of your book. It’s a great way to finance a career in writing and a great way to become a self published author.

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