Cash In On The Online Audio Boom With Audio Blogs

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the number of people who own acim podcast players has been on the rise.

The most popular and best selling digital mp3 player has to be Apple’s iPod.

I’ll discuss more about how the rise in mp3 ownership concerns online business owners and affiliate marketers like yourself.

For now, let me give you some proof and examples of the boom in online audio content.

Some of these figures might shock you.

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project,

– close to 30 million American adults have downloaded music files over the Internet; and
– more than 22 million American adults own mp3 players

Besides these statistical data, you might even have heard of the word “audio books”, or “podcasts”. Do a search on these two keywords on Google or Yahoo and you’ll come up with at least a few million sites on them.

Another proof of the high demand for audio, otherwise, why would there be such a high supply of websites catering to these audio hungry folks?

What are some of the reasons for the boom in online audio content, you might ask?

a) Firstly, the experience of downloading the audio content quickly, hassle-free and in many cases at very low cost or even free makes it attractive for any online user.

Besides using the Internet to do research, the average Internet user basically looks for entertainment in the form of audio and video online.

Nowadays, dial-ups are a thing of the past. With more households connected via broadband, downloading huge audio files become a fast and easy task that takes just few seconds.

This makes audio a viable medium that can be stored online for downloading by users and customers alike, making it an enjoyable experience to be repeated again and again.

b) Secondly, with the increase in the number of mp3 owners, naturally people are looking for audio content to download.

A a, what better place to search for audio content than the Internet?

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