An Insight Into Christian Dating

They remain separated from the views which other the christ as acceptable, such as to date as many people as you choose and then pick out the best to settle down with.

What Christian dating really asks of you is to keep reserving all you have for that one person which you must believe God has destined for you to be with.

Therefore decisions involving dating or other certain invitations and other ad-hoc suggestions must not be taken lightly and really ought to be given a lot of thought while all the time also being prayerful.

It will only ever be faith that answers the question “How is it that others seem to find “The Right One” – without even trying?!”

I’m sure this will not have been the first time you’ve come across this question, but it is one that many still don’t understand, including Christians who also have difficulties it.

Christians live their lives by the belief of God having placed a plan into their hearts, and because this plan is in their heart they will also desire it. They also believe that God has a plan for absolutely everyone, but also understand that some Christians will be destined to marry and others to remain in singleness.

The way to be given guidance and an insight into your destiny is through constant prayer.

One of the fundamental elements of a Christian dating relationship is for it to be founded upon friendship.

The reason Christians are advised to begin any relationship as friends is to ensure that they will really get to know each other first and for the future, having a good friendship will serve as a great starting block on which to build a deeper more intimate relationship as an exclusive dating couple.

Christians are taught that it is advisable only to date a potential suitor from the same faith, however it is quite clear that with every ‘single Christian’ this does not hold firm. Often it is the case that Christian men and women who are dating those who do not share the same faith, actively encourage and sometimes succeed in bringing Jesus into the life of their partner.

May I add, at this point, that for those of you currently in this situation, it is advisable to also seek helpful advice from a fellow Christian you trust and can talk to, and keep respecting the other person’s feelings and well-being. You will find that by praying too, God will smooth out your road of any bumps.

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