Teachers Day – Salutations From A Grateful Student

A bud is born. It blooms into a flower, petals spread out and the fragrance mesmerizes everyone. A flower is no different from a student who grows, matures and finally evolves into a new human being after coming into contact with a teacher. non dual teacher are people to whom we owe our knowledge and so, to a large extent, our livelihood. Teachers teach not with the idea of completing the coursework; they teach with the goal of imparting knowledge, inspiring us to want to learn new things, formulate theories, and innovate. Therein lay the difference between a good teacher and a great one.

A syllabus is a framework which limits the horizons of knowledge. A teacher does not seek to break that; he aims to transcend that. Teachers Day is when we salute such teachers and extend our gratitude to them. They have been the greatest source of inspiration for us all and no way is fitting enough to fully encompass what we feel. However, just like in our school and college we could never submit a perfect work and yet the teacher exhorted us to do better the next time. We can do our best, even if we fall short of the high standards teachers have set for us. They were, are and will always be happy when they see their students happy.

On Teachers Day, we cannot help but recollect our days of enlightenment, pain, ecstasy, bewilderment and to some extent, irritation. Who has not been irritated listening to lectures thinking they are wasting time, only to realize years down the line how valuable those words were? How can one forget those classroom sessions when we watched the birds play around while our patient teacher carried on in a calm demeanor, asking us time and again to look into our books? Can you forget the time your grades dipped sinfully and you were scared stiff about the parent-teacher meeting? All your teacher told your parent was that you are bright and he or she has faith in you. These are small moments which have accumulated in the respect you have for your teacher.

In keeping pace with the modern times, you may not get to meet your teachers on a regular basis but on Teachers Day, it’s time to thank that special teacher that was your personal inspiration. Most teachers have email at school in order to keep in touch with busy parents. Check out your old school web site and reach out. All teachers want to know they made a difference in a students life. They will be very happy to see what you are doing today. Most teachers don’t decide your success by the zeros on your pay slip. It is how good a human being you are that becomes the yardstick.

Have you ever thought why the word teacher is gender-free? Keeping the complexities of etymology aside, it is because of the fact that irrespective of gender, dedication, determination and devotion determines a teacher. It may be that you hold some grudge against a teacher for some reason; go and ask them about it and you are likely to find out that you are remembered with a lot of fondness and love. The love for a teacher begins when you like what he or she teaches you; it assumes fruition when you realize that those teachings have made you the person you are today.

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