How to Write Book Titles That Work

Not only a course in miracles books, but it also makes a person quickly decide if the book is good to read or not. So if you are writing your first book, then you should have a catchy title to attract more readers. Here are some proven ways to write catchy book titles for your book.

If you are writing a non-fictional book, then your title should state what the content of the book was. Titles like “Proven Ways on How to Write a Book”, “Why He Doesn’t like you” and “Is Your Relationship on the Rocks?” can give the readers the exact idea on what your book is all about.

It is also best to put statistical data to make your title even catchier. If you are talking about steps and methods, having fewer steps and methods in the title will be better. If you are talking about effectiveness, then, the higher the value, the better it will be. You can also put other forms of figures like percentages, days, and weeks. A book title that says “101 Ways to Feed your Child” sounds better than “1000 Ways to Feed your Child.” A book that says “How to Write a Book and Generate 300% Profit” is better than “How to Write a Book and Generate 3 Times More Profit.”

You can also include invoking words to make the title more attractive. Words like powerful, amazing, and magical will bring the readers’ eyes right in front of the book. Book titles like “Powerful Ways to mend your Relationship” and “Amazing Tricks to make your Business Grow” sounds much better than any plain titles with the same concept.

Another great way to write the title of your book is to state surprising revelations to the readers. Shocking headlines bring the people’s attention, so why not apply it to books too? Titles like “Super Strong Woman at 80” or “Children Living with Hypertension” will draw people like magnets to your book.

But what if you are making a fictional book? Then, you have to make a title that is in relation to your book story. Of course, other famous writers use one-word titles to denote the concept of the story; but only do that if your name is widely known. For starters, a title with the main character’s name, setting, important event, or any object that is in the story is good. Creating a title for this type of book genre takes trial and error, but if you see one title that puts your mind in the clouds, then it is the book title that you are looking for.

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