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Scaffolding Ithum tower are independent free-standing framed structures designed for working at height safely for extended periods. This is possible because these towers have a configuration that includes an elevated work platform that can support tools and materials, as well as workers. Most towers are fitted with castors that allow them to be moved easily, often by a single person. When not in use, they disassemble into a flat pack for storage or transport. Add-ons like safety railings on the work platform are widely available. Scaffold towers come in a variety of heights. One of the most popular is 7.2 metres. Here’s some information about what to look for in a tower of this height.

More about this Tower

Because it’s made from durable, lightweight aluminium, this tower is quite easy to assemble, disassemble and transport. Although the tower itself is 7.2m tall, the platform is located at the height of 5.2m. A scaffold tower’s base dimensions are key to its stability. This tower’s base measures 8ft by 2ft. Another important specification is the BS EN1004 standard. Along with the UK’s WAHR (Work at Height Regulations), BS EN1004 requires towers to have certain safety features, such as trapdoor platforms, toe boards on platforms and stabilisers or outriggers fitted to prevent the tower overturning. This 7.2m aluminium tower conforms to all relevant regulations.

Features of the 7.2 Metre Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

The four high-strength 150mm castors that are fitted to the tower have a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted movement when the tower is in use. The four 500mm legs are fully adjustable. The tower also features three 4 rung 2m ladder frames, and three 4 rung 2m span frames. The structure includes three platforms, each fitted with a trap door for safe and easy access. Designed with fourteen horizontal braces and nine diagonal braces, the tower is supremely rigid and resistant to twisting. There are four jumbo stabilisers as well. Expect to pay between £800.00 and £900.00 for a tower of this size, with these features.

More About the 7.2 Metre Aluminium Scaffolding Tower

This tower has a patented, colour coded brace hook. The ladder is the internal type and measures 60mm x 25mm. The aluminium tubing that comprises scaffolding towers like this conforms to all relevant British standards and specifications (BS), and bears the applicable kitemark designation. The kitemark is a UK product and service quality certification granted by the British Standards Institution (BSI) group. There’s also a lifetime guarantee on all welds. Another key feature of this scaffolding tower is that the legs adjust easily, so the tower can be placed safely on uneven ground. The platforms also have damage resistant claws. The tower comes with a full instruction manual and an official BS EN1004 certificate of conformity. All these quality features converge to make this tower easy to erect and dismantle, and supremely safe to use.

The need for illumination sources could arise in different indoor and outdoor applications. This calls for the use of towers that can help light up your facility and ensure that your work carries on unhindered. Magnum light towers are a preferred variety for their long-lasting illumination qualities and also for their power-saving features. With the advancement of lighting technologies, there are different towers options available in the market.

Locating a reputable global distributor who can supply the best tower brands is of prime importance. Next, you would need to decide on the type of tower you would need to use. This in this turn depends on your preferred power source. There are various options such as diesel-operated towers and battery operated varieties as well. Each of these energy sources offers certain advantages under different circumstances. And if you need equipment over and above the standard equipment, you always have the option of getting your tower customized through your distributor. There are certain leading distributors that can generate a quote for you in less than half hour so that there are no delays in the fulfillment stage. In addition, your chosen Magnum light towers can also be shipped to your desired location(s).

Certain applications stand to benefit from the use of portable towers. These towers can be easily taken from one location to another over short distances. For unique applications in hazardous and sensitive locations, you could opt for a special range of towers.

  • Light-Towers for offshore hazardous locations: Only specially made towers should be used in areas that have a hazardous location rating. These towers are sturdy enough to last in the most demanding conditions. This is mainly possible because of features such as a galvanized mast, frame and skid. They also comprise stainless steel cabinets to resist corrosive offshore environments. In addition, it adheres to several other specifications that make it suitable for offshore locations.
  • Green Light-Tower: There are certain indoor and outdoor operations that require the use of environmentally sensitive products. In such situations, environmentally friendly towers can prove to be the best option. These towers offer silent operation and emissions that are close to zero. They are also preferred because of their reduced glare and light pollution as they produce crisp white light. In most cases, these towers are battery operated, which further helps you save fuels. They can be an alternative for electric light towers.

If you need to use towers at different locations around your facility, it is advisable to discuss the pros and cons of towers with your chosen distributor. Since towers are a significant investment, it is advisable to opt for magnum light towers.

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