Christianity and Other Religions

To answer the question, one has to begin with what one can actually see, and that is man himself. Now, within man (in the generic sense which includes women) one can see a selfish core that seems to be inherited. Christians call this original sin mystical teachings of jesus ). And man has to be cognizant of this fact and the fact that he needs help in following God’s perfect law – The Ten Commandments – (IJohn I:9-10, Ex. 20:I-17, and Duet. 5:6-21). A more spiritual way in looking at this is that assuming God to be perfect (Math 5:48 and Psalm I8:30), “How can a perfect being ever mix with an imperfect being to help the latter become obedient to the Perfect being’s law?”.

The only way that this relationship could be brought back together again, that is where perfection could be united with imperfection, is that the better state has to take the lead, since it is the stronger suit that is needed in initiating such a unification (ICor. 13:10, and John 4:19)

Christians believe that God did this in the person of Jesus Christ (John 3:16). They believe that Jesus came down to earth, mingled with humanity for awhile, sacrificed Himself for it on the cross, and returned to His original state (Perfection as part of the Trinity or God in relationship) through the resurrection (Romans 5:15) In other words, Jesus Christ, who is also God (John I:1-2, I4 and I7 and John 12:44-45) divested Himself of everything on the cross, which included all His power, all His possessions including all His clothes, and His life because of our separation from God or Perfection, and then was raised up (Math 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20&21, ICor. 15). To put it another way, He became pure imperfection for us on the cross before becoming Perfection once again (Romans 4:25).

Another way in looking at this is that those who are dependent upon and confess or admit this separation with this outside source, and believe in these activities of Jesus Christ (Christians) are now wrapped up in a state of Perfection, just like a Christmas package, to seal in our own imperfection (Romans 10:9 and 5:9-10). Not that we become perfect, but when God looks at His believers, all that He can see is the impenetrable outside wrapping, Jesus Christ, which in effect, is really like God looking into a mirror at Himself.

And we, as believers, though remaining imperfect ourselves, but perfect inside Christ, grow, love more, and respond in more beneficent ways as our whole being is more and more immersed by this wrapping expanding and seeping into our hearts.

In other words, our actions are determined by how much of His presence we have of Him within ourselves, and from this, love expands and there is a greater presence of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

And the best way of bringing this presence of Him about here on earth is by praising Him individually, or better yet, in a group which is called the Church.

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