Books on Fantasy Tales: The Ones Popular

The angelic fairies swaying their wings and procreating things with their magic wands; the mermaids mesmerizing with curvaceous acim books and lustful glances; the demons unleashing their endless powers to obliterate enemies and the bloodthirsty vampires lurking in dark to defile their prey: the characters and the scenes that can only be found in books on fantasy tales.

A favorite genre among kids and young adults, the fairy tales never ceases to lose their charm. To tell the truth, they transfer the readers to a fanciful land where make-believe happenings take place. Demons and dragons, elves and nymphs, temptresses and sorceresses are all there to entice you. We are listing 10 fantasy tale books that were released in 2012 and won the young hearts and grownups equally well.

1. Allister Cromley’s Fair-weather Belle (Volume 1) (by Shane J Portman): All grownups there, this one is for you: the stories that you won’t mind sharing with your friends. Read the book to have a retrospection of your happy childhood days, on one hand and facing the bitter truths of adult life, on the other. The character named Allister is on an adventurous journey that takes him to the world of anarchists, revolutionaries, and world-changing inventions. Is he able to find answers to the questions that plague modern society? Read the book to find.

2. Aesop’s Tales (by Jerry Pinkey): One of those books on fantasy tales that we took fancy in our childhood days. Be it our all-time favourite lion-mouse story or the unpredictable rabbit-tortoise tale or the witty story of the fox-cicada, the book has all. The award-winning author has only made them more interesting and humorous. And you will find your kids getting addicted to the colourful illustrations.

3. Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm (by Philip Pullman): A rehashed version of the lovely fairy tales that Grimm brothers presented to the world years ago. The book by Pullman is a collection of fifty adorable stories like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin and more, which made an indelible impression on our hearts and minds.

4. Mermaids: The Myths, Legends, and Lore (by Skye Alexander): No description of books on fantasy tales can be complete without mentioning something as tempting as a mermaid story. The book has spellbinding tales of water fairies, the symbols used by them, and the myths associated with them.

5. Wonders of the Invisible World (by Patricia A. McKillip): It is the fairy tale that presents itself as a fascinating myth. The narratives shall leave the young hearts all dumbstruck and fascinated.

6. Ragnarok: The End of the Gods (by A. S. Byatt): Byatt has successfully recaptured the heart of Norse mythology in this book: a girl is saved from a catastrophe and in order to find peace with her life, she reads a book on Norse myths. This transforms her completely. Indeed one of the books on fantasy tales that captures the disaster with brilliance.

7. The Palace Job (by Patrick Weekes): In search of an important manuscript that belongs to her family, Loch is set out on a journey along with a unicorn, a Warhammer, a priestess, and an illusionist. In order to acquire the papers, she must overcome all sorcerers and magical goblins that come her way.

8. Olympos (by Aki): Ganymede, born a prince, does not know what to do with his life as the gods have made him immortal; he fritters away his time roaming in a miniature garden. This amuses gods who would go to any length to derive entertainment from his actions and situations.

9. Christmas Rose (by Dalton Delan): Nazarene is a town near seashore where a girl’s grandmother lives and now the grief-stricken girl is on her way to see the lady. Christmas is not far but the mood of the story is quite the opposite. A must-read fairy tale that unfolds many dramatic events one after the other.

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