Why You Should Invest in Rechargeable Shavers

Since the advent of the electric razor personal grooming has been a more portable and user friendly top up likee. When the jump to cordless razors was made the experience became even more portable and people felt a new sense of freedom with their personal hygiene as they could take their razors where they needed to. Unfortunately one major drawback of the initial jump to cordless shavers was that they had a tendency to burn through batteries.

This led to a long term usage cost of 10 to 20 times over the initial cost of the unit itself just to keep a stock of batteries. However when the portable era hit and everyone started using high capacity rechargeable batteries the idea of the cordless razor was revitalized. After some design tweaks, testing, and various new models the first rechargeable shavers were available for public use.

These early models were only good for a few uses at a time before needing recharging and were prone to breaking if handled improperly. However they were more than enough for people that were living over the road lifestyles and the ability to recharge them more than made up for their fragility. Fortunately like all things related to technology as time goes on design and components improve.

The old battery types that were used at the time were upgraded to newer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly models. Eventually the jump was made to small scale rechargeable lithium ion batteries. This is the same battery type that you’ll find in your cell phone, laptop, or wireless gaming controller. It’s a proven, efficient, cheap, and reliable technology. Current rechargeable shavers using these can last for up to and over an hour under heavy use.

Recharge time varies but it usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes to fully charge newer razors. Depending on how long it takes you to shave this charge may last for several weeks if not more. Battery life is also determined by how hard the razor has to work to clear your face. Regardless there are several reasons to invest in these over traditional razors.

First is the fact that cordless, rechargeable, electric razors are far friendlier for the environment than normal razors. If you need proof of this stop and take a look at your normal disposable razors, their packaging, and the amount of shaving cream you go through ever year. Now multiply that by about 40 years and you have quite a pile of waste.

Second on the list is the fact that they are extremely portable. This means that you can take them on trips, to hotels, family vacations, and anywhere else that has an electrical outlet. Third and perhaps most obvious is the fact that they are rechargeable and most major brands have a very long service life. Let’s face it when you find a shaver you like you aren’t going to get rid of it until it breaks and many rechargeable models are still functioning even after 5 years.

A rechargeable shaver can be a wise and very long term investment in your life. Personal grooming is important and there will be those occasions where you simply don’t have time to use an old fashioned traditional model. When these times hit you’ll be glad you have a small portable unit that you can use to cleanup within minutes.

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