The Grey Plague – How To Get Rid Of Rats

Rats. The Meerschweinchen, which had swarmed our life’s and turned it into a severe headache. Even picturing rats in your head might just be repugnant, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste inside of you. But if you happen to discover that these annoying critters have found refuge on your property, you should take action before this problem evolves into a disaster. How can we assure rat protection, and how to get rid of rats in general? Well there are various methods that you could try.

After browsing the internet for some time, I got quite surprised about the amount of rat control methods on the market, and how did classic rodent protection methods had evolved with the time passing. Apart from good old classic wooden rat traps, there are new kinds of plastic rat traps, electrically charged rat traps that are called the rat zappers, and also several types of chemical rat repellent sprays. Also, another cool device I had found, that are called high pitch sound device, which drives rats away from your territory without any harm done to the critter. Let us review those methods, to try to find out which one is the best in your situation..

High pitch sound devices – electronic devices that produces a high pitch sound, that is not hearable to people or pets, but irritating for rodents. Those gadgets drive rats away from your property, without damaging them. They just produce a unique sound which makes it intolerable for rats to stay in the area where the device is install, driving them away to a place more appropriate for their nesting. Those devices are very well-designed, and it spares you the troubles with disposing the rat’s dead bodies, which with rat traps or rat poison is almost inevitable.

Rat zapper – electricity powered rat trap that kills the rat instantly, with a powerful electric charge, living the dead rodent in a special container for little rat corpses. Rats can carry and transmit dangerous illnesses, which you and your family or pets most definitely want to avoid. The rat container gives a great opportunity to avoid direct contact with the dead animal, and remove it safely into a garbage container.

Rat traps – a classic method that give rats no opportunity for escaping, crushing them in pieces before they know it. Most traditional yet very powerful way to capture rats, mice or other rodents. Although it has its own down sides it is the cheapest method out there, at least if going for wooden rat trap. You have to set up many traps all over the infested area, in order to make sure that all the rodent are exterminated, but when the work is done, be ready for some messy cleansing, and pray you have a strong stomach. Direct contact is another thing you will have to deal with, after using rat traps. Besides, traditional rat traps might be dangerous for your pets or children.

Rat repellent – a hazardous rat poison that you apply around infested areas, which kills the rodent if it comes in contact with the substance. Rat repellant does its job, but it may be unsafe to your domestic animals. So you might think twice before actually using it. Also conceder all those dead rat corpses, laying around your cellar and the cleaning up you will have to perform. Also, the biggest problem with rat poison is that rats won’t die instantly, and instead it will run off to a safer, unreachable place and die there. The smell will become intolerable in some time, and you will definitely need the help of professionals with special equipment to help your problem.

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