Proven Christian Book Marketing Strategies

If you’re an author who has written a acim to expand your ministry or have done your part in spreading God’s word, you most probably consider your book a hard-earned treasure- one that was never meant to be hoarded, but to be shared. Therefore, as an author, it is not enough for you to have molded that treasure. No matter how glorious its content is, no one will see it sparkle if it’s kept in the dark. So how do you become the light-giver so people can see your book shine? Read on to discover proven Christian book marketing strategies that are sure to grab every potential reader’s attention.

1. Arrange book signings at your local libraries, bookstores, book fairs and other places that can give you an avenue to promote your book. As you hold your book signings, not only will you be able to create publicity for you book, you check to make sure your book is displayed under the right category at bookstores and libraries. Be fully prepared and bring your own books to ensure that you have a sufficient supply of books to sign that day, as well as enough autographed copies to leave for future sales.

2. Create a website or a page on a social networking site that features your book. In the advent of new advances in technology, your book should not be left behind in book shelves just waiting to be come across with and purchased in traditional ways. Take advantage of the new way people accomplish things-these days when people are looking for something, they’ll most probably search it through the internet first. So build a website containing information about you and your book, what it has to offer, and how those interested can get a copy. It’s a convenient way you to get your book in the hands of your target readers.

3. Construct a press kit, a set of promotional materials that can be distributed to the media for you to get free publicity for your book. Make sure to include a well-written press release about your book to send out to your local media and other targeted publications. The press release could be a standard one, announcing your book and providing information about you as the author, or could be one which uses an interesting angle to encourage the media to write several stories about you.

4. Schedule speaking engagements to endorse your book to an audience. Being a good conversationalist can work wonders in boosting your book sales. Create your own speech, practice before presentation, and deliver it in a conversational tone to relate to your audience well. If you can persuade people that your book has the features that can benefit them, they are sure to note that your book is worth the read.

5. Compose articles based on your book and submit it to your local paper or magazines for publishing or post it online. You can also submit a part of your book to contests for an opportunity to gain more recognition for your book or even win a cash award.

In writing your Christian book you must have aimed for it to plant seeds of ideas in your reader’s heads, to influence and inspire, and to spark off action. And indeed your book can definitely achieve those goals, if only it can find its way to people’s hands. With these Christian book marketing strategies, your potential readers are bound to see the value of your book, allowing it to become not only your treasure but others’ as well.

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