It is Time to Switch to the K Cup Coffee Maker

If you are not satisfied with your current coffee making method, switching over to a Keurig How Many Cups Is 16 Oz coffee maker will change the way you brew your coffee forever. With this brewer you will experience a convenient and delicious way to satisfy your coffee, tea, or cocoa cravings. Not only is this machine easy to use and mess-free, the K Cup system does not require filters or measuring, eliminating a mess and serving you a perfect proportioned cup every time.

With each premeasured K Cup canisters, it provides exactly the right amount of flavor and coffee grounds for every cup. When searching for the coffee you desire, you will find that the k cups are available in a wide variety of popular brands. The K Cup coffee maker has an option that allows you to choose more than one brew sizes, so you are able to vary the strength for your personal preference.

You can find a large array of well-known brands and custom roasted k cup coffees. For those of you who love the Green Mountain Coffee brand, these k cups are delicious and offer a variety of exotic coffees from all over the world. One well thought of coffee roaster recognized for their Arabica-bean coffees are the Diedrich Coffee Roasters who began their business in 1912.

If you prefer a European-style roasted coffee, the Van Houtte k cups are roasted in small batches to ensure quality control. These are just a few of the companies who offer k cup coffees that are available in four roast levels: light, medium, dark, and extra bold; not to leave out the decaffeinated, half-caffeinated, and flavored coffees as well. New on the k cup coffee market is the Newman’s Own organic, a fair trade coffee who is well known for donating over $250 million to various charities since 1982.

For those of you who prefer tea, K Cup teas are available in herbal, decaffeinated, and other regular varieties. Some of the k cup tea manufactures are Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, and Twinings. No matter the type of tea you are craving, there is a K Cups tea that you will definitely find enjoyable. When hot tea will not do but iced tea will, the K Cup coffee maker can brew an iced tea when used with the addition of the Keurig Iced Beverage Tumbler.

The great people creating these k cups did not want to leave out all of you hot cocoa drinkers, so they created a rich tasting chocolaty hot cocoa k cup. This rich, luxurious tasting chocolate k cup cocoa will be a hit at every get together. If you are a traditional cocoa drinker using such brands as Ghirardelli or Bellaccino, or if you prefer the new line of Cafe Escapes, you will be completely satisfied with your hot, steaming cocoa.

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