How To Get The Best Entertainment For Your Party, Dinner Or Event

First let me say that it interests me to see how much time money and effort is spent on arranging the food, the centerpieces and the location and how secondary the choice of entertainment seems to be. Let me state something important right now: THERE IS NOTHING THAT CAN AFFECT THE SUCCESS OF YOUR PARTY, DINNER, CONVENTION, EVENT OR YOUR PERSONAL REPUTATION AS THE notas musicales YOU CHOOSE — so please make your choices carefully! To put it simply: Good entertainment will be remembered long after the food is gone. (Don’t believe me? When was the last time you heard someone rave about a steak they had at an event three weeks ago?) For this reason, entertainment buying can be a daunting task. So just how do you find the right entertainment to make your event successful?

I will not go into detail about hiring bands or DJ’s — although many of the tips I will recommend here will apply to these entertainers as well. Generally, bands and DJ’s are considered “dance and background” entertainment and although important, they will not affect the outcome of your event as much as a professional act or solo entertainer can. People can still have fun with an “adequate” Band or DJ. As long as they play appropriate and pleasant music at the right times, it will not seriously affect the outcome of the event. On the other hand, an “entertainer” who presents consistent and successful shows can literally have your audience laughing, cheering, beaming with compliments and talking about your event WEEKS LATER and that is what I want to guide you to find. So let’s discuss how to find the best entertainer for your event.

There are two ways to find entertainment: One is to contact a reputable entertainment agency. The other is to hire an entertainer independently. You will find both entertainers and agents in the same way — either by recommendation, yellow page advertising, entertainment directories, internet sites or by direct contact. Choosing to use an agent or hiring an act directly can be done with equal success if approached properly.

I have worked with entertainment agencies for many years and have nothing but praise for the reputable ones. A reputable agent has a list or “roster” of suitable entertainers. If you do not know what kind of entertainer you would like, a reputable agent can help direct you to the right performer. Be warned though that the agent will limit his suggestions to the roster of entertainers he or she represent — which may or may not include the best or most appropriate entertainers. Because the agent handles more than one performer, he will only have a “rough idea” of what each entertainer can do and because of the vast number of entertainers he represents, it is not uncommon for him to unintentionally misrepresent what the act is capable of doing. If you select the right entertainment agency, an agency you can trust or have worked with successfully in the past, you will be able to choose from a variety of different types of entertainers which will be suitable for your event.

If you know or have at least an idea of what type of entertainment you want, hiring a solo entertainer or an act (consisting of more than one performer) can be advantageous. Being able to speak with the performer directly, he can tell you much more specific information about his act than an agent can. He can recommend specific routines for your particular audience and can let you know from experience where in your evening his entertainment would best fit. The entertainer can work closely with you to tailor the show to fit your particular event. Please be aware though that as a rule, if you saw a performer entertain at a previous event where he was contracted through an agent and you wish to hire him or her for your event, ethically, he must go through that agency unless he has agreed with that agent otherwise.

Whether you choose to go through an entertainment agency or through the act directly, ask to receive a COMPLETE PROMOTIONAL PACKET or at the very least a brochure. This should include any or all of the following: a photo (or photos), a biography, a list of credentials including places he or she has performed, a list of clients he or she has successfully entertained, a variety of newspaper reviews of their act and testimonials from past clients.

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