Does Australian education system still hold the same quality as before?

No matter what,Does A Course In Miracles education system still hold the same quality as before? Articles quality always comes winning over quantity in the end. Quality cannot be compromised over factor like money. This holds truth in the education world too. Students aren’t hesitating to travel abroad to find top quality education necessary for finding a good job and secure future. The trend is evident from the fact hundreds of international students from Nepal or any other countries apply for admission in Australia every academic year. What attracts those students in this island country? Of course, it is the quality education.

The island country with a small population of 24,605,052 has attained fame in the world of global education. Today, it ranks third as the favourite education destination for international students after UK and USA. The country is a home to some of the world’s prestigious universities, of which seven of them, have featured in the list of top 100 in global university ranking. The education department has 22,000 approved courses offered at 1100 institutions. Thus, the country has given a remarkable contribution to the world with some of the great scientists and inventors evolved under its quality education system. For instance, black box flight recorder, spray on skin, the electronic pacemaker, Google maps, etc. inventions have taken place in the country.

Even today hundreds of students from different parts of the world are gaining a quality education in the country. Apart from the quality education, the standard lifestyles, employment opportunities, and scholarship schemes for international students have made Australia a leading education hub for Nepalese and other foreign students.

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