Doctors Now-A-Days That Efficient

What do people now-a-days expect from our doctorstipsonline Sure they used to be considered equivalent to God in previous decades, but NOW. People do have belief in God that He will cure all their diseases and solve their problems, but there are also theists who do refer to a doctor for their problems, as they believe that a Doctor is a “messiah” send by Him in order to heal the sick. Irrespective of whether the doctor was able to cure the diseased or not, they used to get that respect for having the knowledge of the disease and trying their best to help them cure it. If the person gets cured and survives, then the doctors hold the highest respect among those people; but if the ‘patient’ doesn’t make through, then, well its the will of God and nothing can be done to avoid death.

But is that the feeling of the common man today? Today, most of the doctors are considered equivalent to business-man. Not that a business-man is bad, but hey, everyone has their own profession, and a doctor’s is to help the sick, and strive to keep people healthy. But how many doctors are doing that today? Now don’t misunderstand me. There are many doctors who are faithfully doing their duties. But what about the many more others?

A person is worried to go to a doctor now-a-days because they fear they will come back with their pockets empty. They are subjected to a wide range of tests and investigations, not sure whether they actually need them or not, and if they do, they fear that their problem maybe something that may need a whole lot of medicines or that they might not live through it.

We blame people that they are too superstitious as to go a local tantric for their problems, but hey, if the health field and medical techniques are so intimidating to them, then what choice do we leave for them?

You might have heard the common phrase about some famous doctor who tells and cures all the problems of a person by “just checking their pulse”. Its no surprise that these doctors are considered the greatest. But there aren’t by far any such praises about our modern or contemporary doctors, are they? Does that mean that the doctors today are not efficient?, that they are not good doctors?

If u ask a human doctor to cure an animal, lets say a dog, what would he do? Do you think he would be able to help it just the same way as he can a human? Maybe he would have a vague idea of the condition, but he would need further knowledge to correctly diagnose it, right? Now, though this comparison might not be up-to-the-level, but today’s doctors are similar. They do not have the knowledge of ‘feeling the pulse’ that the pioneers used to have. Not just in India, where alternative methods are wide spread, but also in western countries, this knowledge is not properly imparted upon the medicos.

Students are asked to know their medical books ‘by-heart’, so that they are able to deal with any existing ‘case’ that they might encounter. A patient is nothing but a ‘CASE’ to a medico and to the teachers giving the training. Its only when we cross that barrier of so called ‘practicality’, is when we are truly able to understand a person’s problems and not just refer to him/her as a ‘case’.

Doctors are not an invention of the modern world. Even before the advent of modern medicines and technology, there used to be people who treated the sick. These were known as the ‘Healers’. Now I know the thought that just popped into your mind. You are thinking of the traditional healers and the ‘tantrics’ that I had just mentioned above. But that is far from what I am referring to right now.
I am talking about the people who, as you call it, could ‘feel the pulse’. Confused? Pulse, in this statement, is not literally what you know as today, i.e., the pulsations of the blood pumped by heart. It means, along with it, something more. It means Energy. Yup, that’s right. I did say Energy.

The pioneer doctors, or ‘Healers’ used to feel the pulsations of the energy that flow, in not only all the humans but also in animals, plants, and all beings. Acupressure, a modern medicine ( though its not actually new), is based on this concept. The acupressure therapist “feels” the energy flow through the body, and tries to make out any blockade in the flow. The wrist is used as the site for this purpose, as the energy ‘lines’ from whole body converge at these extremities (also at the legs), and is easier for him to acknowledge the energy flow. Any blockade felt in the energy flow at specific points indicates a ‘problem’ in that specific region or organ. This method also helps in determining ’emotional blockade’. This was one of the methods known to the healers and how they used to know the problem associated with the person. But do the modern doctors know anything about it? Nope! Any such suggestion would only get you a head-to-toe ‘look’ and make you a laughing stock. Why? Simple- they don’t believe any such thing exists.

The modern doctors are trained to be so ‘practical’ so as not to believe anything they cant ‘see’ or feel. The diagnosis is made, along with the observable signs and symptoms, by tests and investigations. Now don’t get me wrong. Being a medico, I know the importance of all these tests and methods. They are very valuable in making out, sometimes, the precise diagnosis. These tests are mandatory, especially if you have to use the innumerable drugs that have been specified for different ‘cases’. But being a human, don’t you think a much deeper knowledge should be instilled into the minds of a medico/doctor for proper understanding of a fellow human? I mean the energy of the life form has come to existence way before the invention of these ‘diagnostic gadgets’. It was how, not only our human race, but all other beings have been surviving, and still are!

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